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A trip with Zan

Publisher: Turksvy Publikasies
Price: R180
First edition, first print: 2022, 52 pp
ISBN 978-0-6397-0330-5

A Trip with Zan is a reflection on a journey undertaken through Namibia at a time when Nick and Zan’s world had fallen apart. The journey achieved what both were looking for.

“The journey which I and Zan had, in truth, known for months we must make. Our souls and sanity were at the edge of their limit and we, together, had to find the medicine to, if not cure, at least relieve the pain that had become all-pervasive. So much re-calibrating stuff had happened and still had to happen. Long ago a solo long-distance road trip through an unknown land had been discussed, but we never had the courage, time or commitment to make it a reality.”

About Nick Muller

Nick Muller practised as a litigation attorney for over forty years. He is recently retired and lives in Cape Town. Travel is one of his passions. He has always aspired to be a writer and this book, generated by actual events, is his first attempt. He is now working on a novel.