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Penny the Happy Little Bulldog Finds a Home

Publisher: Turksvy Publikasies
Price: R140
First edition, 2021. 25 pp.
ISBN 978-0-620-94305-5


Penny the Bulldog was born in the city of Paris in France. She has everything a dog can wish for; however … she feels like a stranger here, as if she doesn’t belong. She embarks on a journey to other countries in Europe to find out where she will feel at home and find a friend who likes her, one who speaks a language she can understand and prefers the same tasty treats.

About Jacques Theart

Jacques Theart, his wife and two children live in Oudtshoorn, where he has his own building and manufacturing company. A few years ago he lived and worked in England where the Penny series was conceptualised. One of the family’s pet dogs was his inspiration to create the Penny character.