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Penny the Happy Little Bulldog: Becoming a Hero

Publisher: Turksvy Publikasies
Price: R140
First edition, 2021, 25 pp.
ISBN 978-0-620-94306-2


On a beautiful summer day in the big city of London Penny the English Bulldog decides to get onto a bus to explore the city. When she starts chatting to an old man who sits next to her, he becomes very rude and tells her to stop talking. Little does he know that Penny does not only have a big heart, but he later discovers that this little bulldog is one of the bravest dogs he has ever met.

About Jacques Theart

Jacques Theart, his wife and two children live in Oudtshoorn, where he has his own building and manufacturing company. A few years ago he lived and worked in England where the Penny series was conceptualised. One of the family’s pet dogs was his inspiration to create the Penny character.