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Penny the Happy Little Bulldog Becomes a Dinosaur

Publisher: Turksvy Publikasies
Price: R140
First edition, 2021, 25 pp.
ISBN 978-0-620-94307-9


One day Penny, one of the world’s happiest English bulldogs, and her best friend, Benn, decide to play dinosaur-dinosaur in the beautiful garden of their house which is situated in the middle of the city of London. While playing outside, a frightening monster escapes from the garden shed and starts gobbling up the entire lawn. The two bulldogs act immediately to stop the damage and save the garden.

About Jacques Theart

Jacques Theart, his wife and two children live in Oudtshoorn, where he has his own building and manufacturing company. A few years ago he lived and worked in England where the Penny series was conceptualised. One of the family’s pet dogs was his inspiration to create the Penny character.