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Publisher: etcetera (Part of Turksvy Publikasies)
Price: R220
First edition. 2021. 72 p.
ISBN 978-0-620-90302-8

He has often considered quitting, even when he was busy writing this book of poetry, Lluyle Arendse says. The obstacles in his life threatened to overwhelm him, but also served as his inspiration. The main theme of these poems is retrospection – finding a purpose on the road to self-discovery and escaping circumstances. It is a journey built on change and experience. Being influenced by friends, becoming a young parent in an area where drugs are rife, he addresses these issues in his own unique style and aims to inspire young people to be more open about mental health. Unspoken tells the story of issues young people face.

About Lluyle Arendse

Lluyle Arendse grew up in Groot Brak River. He started taking poetry seriously in 2017, when he debuted as a performance poet at the Mossel Bay Diaz Festival. He is currently studying towards a BA, majoring in Linguistics and Psychology. He is busy with his second book of poetry, a follow-up to Unspoken. Poetry has the power to change the narrative, especially in young people, he says.