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Oh, how I love Africa

Publisher: Etcetera (part of Turksvy Publikasies)
Price: R170.00
First edition, first print. 2022. 40 pages.
ISBN 978-0-6397-4045-4


 Why do we love the magic continent of Africa so much? Because this a wonderful place where sausages grow on trees, where some animals wear pajamas, where the longest snake is called King, where beetles roll the most perfect dung balls, where you find cats that roar and dogs that laugh, where some monkeys wear make-up … where the sunsets are exquisite.

This delightful and beautifully illustrated children’s book about the oddities of Africa gives you many reasons why we are so fortunate to be called Africans!

About Heather Rosser

Heather Rosser was born and educated in Cape Town. From a very young age she loved to read and allowed herself to get lost in stories. Her career in IT funded her passion for visiting places and experiencing life outside of the city. As a result, she has climbed Kilimanjaro, gone river rafting, piranha fishing in the Amazon, tiger fishing on the Zambezi, elephant trekking in Thailand, and skied down many mountain slopes. Her happy place is out in the bush, surrounded by nature, being lulled to sleep by the sound of wild animals. Whilst sitting on the banks of the Congo River, she was inspired to write about the uniqueness and beauty of Africa.